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World Association Of Neurotechnology

(Previously World Congress of Neurotechnology)

President: Prof M Trimble (UK)
Chairman: Prof T Herdegen (DE)

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Welcome to the World Association of Neurotechnology

The World Association of Neurotechnology is committed to developing a portal for the dissemination of knowledge in the area of Neurotechnology.  To this end we will be building an Online Learning Library  of powerpoint presentations with audio track overlays and video clips, plus a series of links to associated organizations in the field.  If you would like to submit a talk plus audio track or video clip, please contact us to send it by email.  

Chaired by Prof Michael Trimble and Prof Thomas Herdegen, the Association is devoted to bringing together the community of professionals who are developing an expertise and understanding of Neurotechnology on a global basis.  It offers a forum for researchers, clinicians and industry – both manufacturers and investors – to allow sharing of knowledge and cross-fertilization of ideas for the betterment of all involved.

The World Association of Neurotechnology was initiated by an inaugural congress.  The inaugural congress presented 80 speakers contributing their opinion on 5 streams: Neuro-Research, Neuro-Plasticity, Neuro-Psychiatry, Neuro-Surgery and Neuro-Oncology.  The International Scientific Advisory Committee comprised over 40 eminent professionals in this field including opinion leaders:  Prof M Trimble, Prof T Herdegen, Prof H Shanka-Sharma, Prof T Spinks and Prof F Farassati, all of whom led a stream at the conference. 

If you would like to help shape the future of WANeuroTech join the International Scientific Advisory Committee.

We welcome the chance to form partnerships with other associations in this area to extend understanding and dialogue worldwide.  With that in mind we invite regional societies and organizations to take advantage of our Associated Society Scheme.  Associated societies are entitled to an extensive list of FREE benefits ranging from free promotion to the WANeuroTech audience and room availability to discounted delegate places. The Associated Society Scheme outlines the benefits in detail.

If you would like to be kept informed of developments in the World Association of Neurotechnology, please subscribe to our mailing list using the Keep Me Updated form on the right.

This website is the public face of the World Association of Neurotechnology (WANeurotech).  We are committed to furthering understanding of this emerging research and treatment area on a world-wide basis.  Join our social media groups using the links on this page to share experience and opinion with like minded professionals in this field.

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